Three Reasons for an Omni-Channel Customer Support System

Customer service and support will always be important. Ensuring your company is closing sales is probably the top priority, but everything that happens before and after a sale is important, too. Even during the sale, you have the opportunity to deliver a great experience and up-sell. An omni-channel customer support system is fairly new but great for delivering support. You can set it up in-house, or you can work with an outsourced customer service that already has this experience.

Here are three reasons to consider using an omni-channel customer support system.

Capture a Larger Market Share

The current young generation is different. Their expectations are different, and their way of doing things is different, too. They tend to be technology-driven. An omni-channel support system means that you can offer your customers the opportunity to receive care over chat, email and social media as well as over the phone. The first three options are great for simple questions. It is very efficient for those who are trying to clarify information or confirm something that they read. The team completing these tasks for you is trained to escalate cases when a phone call is required.

Shortened Wait Times

Clogging the phone lines for simple questions is not ideal. Allowing customers to use chat, email and social media is an approach worth considering because studies show that wait times are shortened. It is difficult for some individuals to wait five minutes or more in a queue when they only have a yes or no question.

Improved Service Quality

The best way to support your customers is to prevent them from getting to an exasperated state. An omni-channel approach can lead to improved service quality.

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