Your customers have high expectations and your brand’s reputation is always on the line. That’s why you need a partner that knows ecommerce and has supported some of the fastest-growing brands on the planet.

Exceptional customer service for incredible brands

With years of experience supporting innovative ecommerce and retail companies, our expert team members have seen it all. We can help you increase customer satisfaction, grow average order value, and reduce customer friction points—no matter how many tickets you’re getting every month.

“When people ask me how I feel about outsourcing, I just share our 97% CSAT”

Learn how Wildgrain, a rapidly growing ecommerce company, has scaled their customer support team while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Why Us?

company culture

We’re firm believers that the best work happens when people love their jobs. So we’re building the best remote company culture on the planet—and you get to reap the benefits. Over 95% of our team members agree that Peak Support is a great place to work.


Your success is our success. That means when you identify an opportunity—big or small—we jump on it. From clearing backlogged queues to moderating content to scaling efficiently, we’re here to help you wherever you need it. And we guarantee that you’ll find us easier to work with than any company you’ve ever come across before.


We provide your team with the support it needs to succeed. Our Team Leads typically manage only 8 to 10 agents – compared with 15 to 20 at most outsourcing companies. Our exceptional account management and shared services functions will ensure you get what you need to succeed.

How Peak Support impacts Retail & Ecommerce

Whether you’re selling one product or hundreds of SKUs, you can’t afford to cut corners on customer service, because your customers are your brand’s biggest ambassadors. Our team has years of experience working with ecommerce brands.

Our Services

Customer Service

From a standalone support team to a flexible supplement to your existing team, you can have an outsourced team of expert support agents within weeks.

Technical Support

SaaS or tech company with a deeply technical product? Our agents bring a variety of technical skills — whatever you need — and years of experience solving complex customer problems.

Trust & Safety

We keep online communities safe. Whether you need content moderation or fraud detection and prevention, you can trust the experts at Peak Support.

Back-Office Services

Our expert team members will take responsibility for all your time-consuming and repetitive tasks. We’ll get ‘em done, and we’ll find ways to make the process even smoother, Guaranteed.

Sales & Marketing

How does a smoother sales process and a full pipeline sound? We’ve got experts in market research, lead qualification, and building out sales operations — and they’re all ready to help your sales and marketing efforts.

Accounting Services

Invoicing and accounts receivable literally pay the bills. Outsourcing these critical and repetitive tasks is the most cost-effective way to improve your bottom line.

Tech & AI Solutions

Our team of expert professionals can help you plan, deploy and manage the latest technology and AI solutions, so you can focus on running your business.

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We’ve helped dozens of ecommerce brands scale their customer service and back-office processes. Learn more about how outsourcing can unlock new levels of growth and profitability for your ecommerce brand.