Exceptional outsourced support for high-growth logistics and transportation companies. Optimize your operations and find unexpected efficiencies through expert-level back-office support and frontline customer service outsourcing.

Move further, faster

You’ve got to move fast, but you can’t afford to leave your customers in the dust. That’s where partnering with a proven and experienced outsourcing partner can make a world of difference—for your customers, for your team, and for your future growth.

Experience matters

We’ve built customer support teams for transportation and logistics companies and scaled them from startup to enterprise phase. We’re familiar with the challenges, and we’re here to help. From frontline support teams, to experienced tech support agents, to back-office wizards, we’ll help you identify issues and prevent them altogether.

Building scalable tech support for a logistics company

Advent eModal provides trucker and cargo owners with the real-time data they need to monitor freight as it moves through the supply chain. But their internal team couldn’t keep up with support requests. Learn how Peak Support launched Tier 1 and Tier 2 tech support teams, helping them achieve a 15-minute response time and 85% to 92% CSAT.

Why Us?

company culture

Happy employees lead to happy customers. We’ve invested heavily in creating the best remote working culture on the planet—over 95% of our team agree that Peak Support is a wonderful place to work. Our engaged global team brings their enthusiasm and experience to work for you, generating outsized results day in and day out.


Every business is unique, and we’d never presume to know what matters most to you. We do the work to get to know your business inside and out, enabling us to create outsourced teams that fit your needs like a glove. Our guarantee is that you’ll never find a company that’s easier to work with. Anywhere.


We provide your team with the support it needs to succeed. Our Team Leads typically manage only 8 to 10 agents – compared with 15 to 20 at most outsourcing companies. Our exceptional account management and shared services functions will ensure you get what you need to succeed.

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How Peak Support impacts logistics and transportation

High seasonality. High expectations. Big promises. Logistics and transportation companies are under constant scrutiny from consumers. Our outsourced teams know how to handle that pressure with poise and professionalism, always putting the best foot forward for your brand.

Our Services

Customer Service

From a standalone support team to a flexible supplement to your existing team, you can have an outsourced team of expert support agents within weeks.

Technical Support

SaaS or tech company with a deeply technical product? Our agents bring a variety of technical skills — whatever you need — and years of experience solving complex customer problems.

Trust & Safety

We keep online communities safe. Whether you need content moderation or fraud detection and prevention, you can trust the experts at Peak Support.

Back-Office Services

Our expert team members will take responsibility for all your time-consuming and repetitive tasks. We’ll get ‘em done, and we’ll find ways to make the process even smoother, Guaranteed.

Sales & Marketing

How does a smoother sales process and a full pipeline sound? We’ve got experts in market research, lead qualification, and building out sales operations — and they’re all ready to help your sales and marketing efforts.

Accounting Services

Invoicing and accounts receivable literally pay the bills. Outsourcing these critical and repetitive tasks is the most cost-effective way to improve your bottom line.

Tech & AI Solutions

Our team of expert professionals can help you plan, deploy and manage the latest technology and AI solutions, so you can focus on running your business.

Deliver unmatched satisfaction

With the right outsourcing partner, customer experience goes from a rocky road to smooth sailing. Our global teams—in the USA, the Philippines, Colombia, and Eastern Europe—will give your employees and customers the support they need every hour of every day. They’re always on, always engaged, and always ready to help.

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You can have your own outsourced customer service or back office support team ready and functioning within weeks. Ready to learn more about how outsourcing can transform your business operations and drive customer satisfaction through the roof?