Peak Support Q&A: Shirleen Telis

Bebz is a hardworkingyoung woman whose name often makes an appearance at Peak Support’s monthly awarding ceremony. She initially took up an accountancy degree, but switched to a nursing degree on her junior year in college. Bebz looks up to her father a lot because of his exemplary values and principles, and considers him to be her hero. She‘s not really very fond of watching TVbut when Game of Thrones was still on air, she never missed an episode especially after Dany’s dragons were born. Although Bebz is a shy personshe is able to express herself well in chat rooms and on social media. What’s the best present she’s ever received? A ruby ring  that her dad gave to her mom – which she just jokingly asked for, but ended up receiving her birthday anyway. Learn more about Bebz in this month’s Peak Support Q&A blog.

Who’s the most thoughtful person you know?

My mom. Not only is she sweet and generous to our family, but she’s also the same way to our less fortunate neighbors. She’s been holding feeding programs, Bible studies, and Christmas parties for children from impoverished areas for the past decade. These families are also recipientof her weekly food drive, which has continueeven during the pandemic.

What is the most comfortable pair of footwear that you own?

I love my white, leather sneakers. They’re comfortable even for long walks, easy to match with clothes, and easy to clean too.

Do you think advances in technology are dangerous?

I think advances in technology promote progress, give us more freedom, increase efficiency, as well as improve our health and lives as a whole. The danger lies on a handful of users with bad intentions. For the most part, I believe the benefits of advance technology outweigh the drawbacks.

Are you usually early or late to a party?

Oftentimes, I arrive right on time. I know party hosts can get busy preparing and I do not want to distract them by arriving too early. At the same time, I also don’t want to be late because I respect everybody’s time and plan.

What is something that you hope to achieve in the next two years?

Since I recently got engaged, my fiancé and I are planning to set our home up and get married. I already have my own house – it just needs a few repairs and renovations, so it will be ready to move in to after the wedding. We plan to get married soon. But planning it has been a roller-coaster ride because of COVID-19. Nevertheless, we will make all the necessary adjustments, and the wedding will surely happen.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is very minimalist and laid-back, with a focus on comfort. I normally go for timeless and neutral-colored pieces. You will often see me doing errands in quick-dry shirts, joggers, and tennis shoes. I still wear my girly dresses and blouses for church services and special occasions though.

Name 5 things that should almost always be a part of your breakfast.

I like to pair my morning coffee with oatmeal, hard-boiled egg, cheese sandwich or mochi. Mochi is a Japanese delicacy made of glutinous rice and some other ingredients. I buy them in bulk at the grocery store.

What is your greatest hope for mankind?

Peace. I believe that every child deserves to grow in a loving and peaceful environment just like I did. We need to show the children of today how to love and respect others. Lastly, we all need to be kind to one another.

If you could invent something, what would it be?

If I could, I would invent a solarpowered, hover carpet. Not only will it be eco- friendly, but traffic wouldn’t be a problem anymore if it existed.  Plus, wouldn’t it be so cool to sit on it like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine did on their magic carpet?

Whose opinion do you value the most?

I value my family’s opinion the most. There are three generations within our family and their opinion – based on their age and experiences – always count. Although, I also value anyone’s opinion especially when they show me love and respect.

Is there a fear that you’ve been able to conquer?

I have always been afraid to ride a motorcycle. However, my fiancé owns one and he has showed me how to drive responsibly. His careful driving took away my fear and alloweme to enjoy the ride.

What do you wish you had more patience for?

Cooking. I do not cook often, but I know how to cook when necessary. I know it’s a basic life skill. However, I do not have the patience for it.

They say change is inevitable, but what’s the one thing you hope never changes?

I hope the goodness in humanity never changes. As human beings, we have the ability to love and to have compassion for every living thing. We are stewards of God’s creation. As soon as we accept that role, we become accountable caretakers.

Do you have an amazing customer service story that you’d like to share?

One of my most memorable customer service stories was when I assisted an 80yearold woman with her phone service. She was so happy with my assistance that she ended up sharing her life story with me. Like how her husband had already passed away, and that she’s Italian so she makes her own pizza from scratch. I got a kudos from that call because I was able to go the extra mile. Not only was I able to resolve her concern, but I also spent enough time to empathize and really listen to her story.

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Illustration by Rhea Avanceña

Written By:

Adrian Estrella

Aidz is a Sales and Marketing Associate who has been with Peak Support since October of 2016. When Aidz isn’t busy taking care of the company’s social media pages, you can find them juggling other tasks in the company. From copywriting to lead generation, whatever it is that accounts need, they will do it. Aidz is also in-charge of Peak Support’s Q&A blog – a blog that allows other team members and site visitors to get to know featured Peak Support agents even more. Aidz is a big fan of bacon and butter.