Peak Support Q&A: Mari Lou Nina Pineza

Nina is a Talent and Operations Specialist at Peak Support. She’s a certified Potterhead, and is very proud of her vast collection of Harry Potter books and merchandise. Nina graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Administration from one of the most established universities in the Philippines – the University of Santo Tomas. After a long week at work, she pampers herself by catching up on her reading , having a Harry Potter movie marathon, and eating Vietnamese noodles. Nina considers herself to be a strong, workaholic, nocturnal, and independent woman. She unfortunately had a terrible car accident in 2015 that caused serious damage to her spine. So at times when her injury makes it difficult for her to move around, Nina doesn’t hesitate to use her cane to help her walk. Get to know Nina better by reading this month’s Peak Support Q&A blog.

How do you like to shop?

Most of the time, I want to shop alone as I consider it my me time. When I shop alone, nobody gets to stop me from buying something, no matter how expensive or impractical it may be.

What makes you nervous?

I get nervous when someone in my family gets sick.

Which famous personality will you fangirl over if you met them?

Nikko Huelgas (a Filipino professional triathlete). I’ve been an avid fan of his for a long time now.

Who do you run to for emotional support?

I usually run to my partner.

If you were to attend the Oscars, which designer would dress you?

Any of these threeValentino, Givenchy or Balenciaga.

Why do we often doubt ourselves?

Self-doubt occurs when we lack confidence or feel incapable of doing things we need to do. People who doubt themselves often experience uncertainty around things they can’t control or worry about things not going according to plan. A certain level of self-doubt is good because it indicates that you understand what you need to improve on. However, persistent fear and self-doubt can  also hugely affect your life in a bad way.

Do you like pineapples in your pizza?

I’d rather eat pineapples alone, than have it on my pizza. I however love cheese, prosciutto, olives, and arugula on my pizza.

What’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?

Kissing me while I was sleeping, kissing me when I was so stressed out, and cooking and preparing all of my favorite food.

How many mobile/smart phones have you had throughout the years?

47! Nokia 3210331033306210, 8210Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Curve, and iPhones 3G to 11 – just to name a few.

What has become such a rarity these days?

Loyalty and faithfulness.

Where do you see yourself a decade from now?

Living in my dream, vacation house near the beach.

What was the best thing about the 90s?

  • Strapping on my Doc Martens to show off my alternative rock side.
  • Having a list of what various pager/beeper codes meant – genuinely thinking that pagers were going to become a thing.
  • Debating whether there would have been room for Jack on the raft while seeing Titanic for the second (ok, 4th) time.
  • Having a mobile phone – any mobile phone at that, because it made you look cool. Extra props if you had a Nokia 6110 with the Snake game on it.
  • Catching the Harry Potter fever for the first time.

Which one of your flaws do you find beautiful?

My big hips and big butt, because some people find it sexy.

Is immortality an offer worth taking?

An interesting question. For me, it comes partly down to the actual human relationship to death. I doubt many would choose it. And those who do will probably regret it – if not in the first 100 billion years, certainly in the second. Or the third.

What’s something worth fighting for?

Anything that I believe in, that will bring me peace of mind, happiness, and have me feeling joyous instantly is worth fighting for.

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Illustration by Rhea Avanceña

Written By:

Adrian Estrella

Aidz is a Sales and Marketing Associate who has been with Peak Support since October of 2016. When Aidz isn’t busy taking care of the company’s social media pages, you can find them juggling other tasks in the company. From copywriting to lead generation, whatever it is that accounts need, they will do it. Aidz is also in-charge of Peak Support’s Q&A blog – a blog that allows other team members and site visitors to get to know featured Peak Support agents even more. Aidz is a big fan of bacon and butter.