Peak Support Q&A: Francis Eronico

Frank is a Senior Engagement Manager at Peak Support who also leads the company’s Tech and IT Security Department. He is a funny and loyal man who is often admired for his passion in building computers – he actually spends hours doing research to make sure he gets the right parts. Frank never gets tired of eating Dynamite Lumpia – egg rolls with long green chili peppers inside. Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Slipknot, Disturbed, Soulfly, Sevendust, and Mudvayne are just some of the Nu Metal bands that he enjoys listening to. Growing up, Frank always wanted to become a priest. On Saturdays, you’ll usually find him spending time with his family, playing video games or having a few drinks. Read the latest edition of the Peak Support Q&A blog now to learn more about Frank.

What do you think is the best action film of all time?

Definitely The Matrix. The scene where they rescued Morpheus from the agents was really good.

If you can only bring one thing with you when you move to a different country, what will it be?

My laptop. Everything else is optional.

Which fictional character do you wish existed in real life?

Sherlock Holmes. He would be able to solve a lot of crimes.

Where’s the most relaxing place you’ve ever been to?

Turi Beach Resort in Batam, Indonesia. We had a really great view of the beach and pool. Plus, there were only a few guests around.

If you were to get cloned, what improvements would you want in your clone?

Better eyesight.

What movie never fails to make you laugh really hard?

White Chicks. Watching Terry Crews sing ‘A Thousand Miles’ just never gets old.

What’s your most favorite configuration in your computer right now?

I have a Predator Helios 700. It has an i7 9th Gen processor with a 2070 graphics card. I love the sliding keyboard feature because it helps with the temperature of the laptop when I’m playing graphics-intensive games like “Red Dead Redemption 2” or “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” at ultra settings.

Who always knows how to make you smile?

My family. We goof around a lot, tell jokes, and frequently look for funny videos.

Who inspires you to stay motivated to reach your goals?

My wife, Judz. She just doesn’t let adversity get her down. She’s a glass-half-full type of person.

What’s something that you need a lot of help with?

Filing for any kind of paperwork. My handwriting is really bad and it takes me a really long time to fill them out.

Where do you go to enjoy some good comfort food?

I usually just grill some pork belly at home, then have a few drinks with my wife and some of our close friends.

Who’s the one person in your life who would keep your secrets no matter what?

Myself. In fact, I have a saying but I can’t tell you. Kidding aside, it would be my buddy, Nate. Our social group is really small. We just keep to ourselves.

If your clothes can be only one color for a whole year, what color would you choose?

That’s a tough question. If I have to choose, I’d say black.

What’s the worst hairstyle or haircut you’ve ever had?

My dad was away for some training so my mom accompanied me to the barbershop. Unfortunately, my usual barber was not there but I still pushed through with it. The barber asked what style I wanted. He mentioned several actors but I didn’t know any of them. So I just chose someone randomly. What I didn’t know was that the actor sported a shaved head. My classmates teased me about it for a whole week. Fast forward to college, I realized I really liked it.

Name one thing that you will never ever do again.

Can we change this to one thing I will never ever do? The one thing I’ll never ever do is wear skinny jeans.

What question would you ask a time traveler from the year 2090?

What’s the video game scene like? Is it anything like in the movie ‘Ready Player One’?

What sport do you find the most exciting to watch?

Watching my kids playing volleyball is the best. They always take pride in how hard they practice every day and it gives them some sort of validation when they win.

If you could binge on something for a whole night, what would it be?

Ginabot dipped in vinegar and chili pepper. Ginabot is Cebu’s version of chicharon bulaklak. It is made from pig intestines which are dried and salted, then deep-fried in super hot oil until it flowers up.

Name a trend that you find annoying.

Wearing glasses just for fashion. Some people don’t have any idea how tough it is not being able to see without your glasses.

What is the greatest thing about your family?

We decide as a unit. It can be as mundane as what we’ll have for dinner, to a vacation destination or things related to finances.

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Illustration by Rhea Avanceña

Written By:

Adrian Estrella

Aidz is a Sales and Marketing Associate who has been with Peak Support since October of 2016. When Aidz isn’t busy taking care of the company’s social media pages, you can find them juggling other tasks in the company. From copywriting to lead generation, whatever it is that accounts need, they will do it. Aidz is also in-charge of Peak Support’s Q&A blog – a blog that allows other team members and site visitors to get to know featured Peak Support agents even more. Aidz is a big fan of bacon and butter.