Peak Support Q&A: Carlos Cornista

Carlos or C2 as he is fondly called at Peak Support, is a sweet and family-oriented young man. He lists Christmas as his favorite holiday, not so much for the gifts, but more so because it brings his family together. Carlos isn’t too particular about where to go for a vacation, as long as he’s with his loved ones. The one food that he will never get tired of eating would be Laing (Pinangat) – a Filipino meal from the Bicol region. After a long day at work, you’ll usually find Carlos either sleeping or watching a movie on Netflix. He hopes to one day see Michael Buble and John Legend in concert. An interesting fact about Carlos? He doesn’t like any nuts in his ice cream. Read the latest edition of the Peak Support Q&A blog now and get to know Carlos even more.

What 5 items are always on your grocery list?

Rubbing alcohol
Bathroom essentials (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
Ready to eat foods like canned tuna.

Where is the scariest place you’ve ever walked or driven passed by?

I can’t think of a specific location. But one of the things that really scare me are abandoned houses. Walking past empty and dark houses creeps me out. It feels like something or someone is watching me.

What is your dream job?

To be a businessman. I took up a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship back when I was in college just so that I would be with my friends. Eventually, I fell in love with the course and it made me dream of becoming a successful businessman someday.

Who do you trust the most?

I think that the only person who you can trust that would always be honest to you, is you. Anyone can I lie to you; white lie or regular lie. The most important thing is that you’re true to yourself.

If you could go on the longest road trip ever, which country or city would you want to explore?

Switzerland. Because I’ve read somewhere that it’s one of the best places for road trips and it’s also one of the places I dream of traveling to.

What will you never do again?

I can’t think of something. Maybe because I seldom use the word “never.” But the thing that I avoid doing is buying something that I don’t need.

Describe yourself as a son.

I believe I’m a loving and caring, but stubborn son.

Who is the one musician that you would like to write a song for?

It would have to be John Legend. I’ve idolized him ever since I heard his songs; plus, they’re very relaxing.

Complete the sentence: I always giggle when _____.

I tease someone or when I say something weird/funny that makes people laugh.

When was the last time you felt really loved?

I’ve been feeling loved ever since I can remember, especially by my mom. I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who really love me and care about me.

What do you usually do when you have trouble sleeping?

Unlock my phone and watch another episode of whatever TV series I’m currently following.

Which past event do you enjoy reminiscing about?

I enjoy reminiscing about those days where I don’t have to worry about what will happen in the future. I miss just worrying about the next fun thing to do.

Where do you want to build your dream house?

Maybe somewhere in Baguio (called the “City of Pines,” is a mountain town in the Philippines) would be nice. I wouldn’t want to grow old in another country, and Baguio City is the coldest place in the Philippines.

What would be your spy name?

This has always been a challenge for me, picking a code name or character name. I usually end up using “Thibault” (I got it from the movie “The Lucky One”), “Kirigaya/Kazuto/Kirito” (from the anime “Sword Art Online”), and/or “KaelL” (from my name Micael).

Who do you think is the most beautiful celebrity in the world?

Jennifer Lopez. I’ve always admired her from her movies and music videos.

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Illustration by Rhea Avanceña

Written By:

Adrian Estrella

Aidz is a Sales and Marketing Associate who has been with Peak Support since October of 2016. When Aidz isn’t busy taking care of the company’s social media pages, you can find them juggling other tasks in the company. From copywriting to lead generation, whatever it is that accounts need, they will do it. Aidz is also in-charge of Peak Support’s Q&A blog – a blog that allows other team members and site visitors to get to know featured Peak Support agents even more. Aidz is a big fan of bacon and butter.