Peek Inside Our 2019 Team Member Survey Results

Just like our clients, our employees have a big say in the way Peak Support operates. Every year we survey both our team and our clients for their feedback so we can continue to improve on the way we do things (in line with our core value of Continuous Improvement). Last year we published our results for the first time. You can see last years results here. 

Each year, we ask our team to respond to 10 statements, covering three major themes:

Work environment

  • “The clients I work with respect me.”
  • “I have friends at work.”
  • “My ideas and opinions count.”

Management and professional development

  • “The management team communicates well with the rest of the organization.”
  • “As a new hire, I was adequately trained.”
  • “On a day to day basis, how much supervision and coaching do you receive?”
  • “I have adequate opportunities for professional growth within Peak Support.”

Overall satisfaction

  • “My job is important in accomplishing the mission of Peak Support.”
  • “My total compensation is competitive with similar jobs I might find elsewhere.”
  • “I am satisfied by my work at Peak Support.”

Work environment

We want everyone at Peak Support to feel confident and happy at work. That’s why we include three questions about the quality of the work environment in our annual survey.

We saw our highest ever score in two categories; “My ideas count” and “The clients I work with respect me.”

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The third question, “I have friends at work”, is particularly critical for us because we are almost 100% remote. Building strong relationships – across geographical lines – is important to team member happiness, and to our overall success. While colleagues don’t necessarily need to be friends to work well together, we still want to build strong relationships and develop support networks across the team. While longer-tenured team members are more likely to say they have friends at work (9.1/10), this data points to an opportunity to facilitate that team bonding faster.

Management and Professional Development

“Peak Support never ceases to amaze me by the clients they attract and the continuous training they provide for my professional growth”

One of the biggest negative perceptions of outsourcing is that call-centers are a “churn and burn” operation where agents are treated poorly and leave quickly. We want to combat that perception and we put a lot of investment into our team member’s ongoing development.

This has paid off in 2019, with top marks in team members agreeing that they are adequately trained and that there are adequate opportunities for professional development. In particular, there was a huge leap in the confidence to grow a career with Peak Support, jumping from 8.5 last year to 9.1 this year.

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We’re also pleased that team members are happy with the communication from management. This year we switched from Skype to Slack and implemented for better asynchronous communication and updates.

Overall satisfaction

Finally, we ask three big questions to determine our team members overall satisfaction with their work. One of the biggest takeaways for us is that everyone knows how their contributions impact our collective success. We’ve done a good job communicating the Peak Support mission and connecting each individual’s role to the big picture.

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A big win here is the compensation category, which improved significantly compared to last year. We made improvements in our compensation and benefits last year that seem to be paying off.

And here is the bottom line:

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Overall, our team members are happy, satisfied and fulfilled by their work at Peak Support.

We’re looking to grow the team even further in 2020. Are you looking for the perfect role? Check out our latest openings for home-based jobs in the Philippines and the U.S.

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