Customer Service KPIs: Average Live Chat Wait Times

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is, well, “key” to managing the performance of your customer service team. But it can be difficult to know what metrics to track, what your targets should be, and how you should use them to improve productivity and quality.

We’re here to help. In this series of blog posts, we’re outlining the most important metrics for email, chat, and phone customer support. For each metric, we’ve combed the Internet to gather all available benchmarks, so you can see what companies are actually achieving in different industries.
We’ve also tapped our network to obtain private data from customer service agents working in different fields. Overall, we used more than 250 data points from more than 150 different sources and aggregated that data to provide you with this data.
And we’re doing more than that – we’re providing tips to improve your performance on each KPI.

Customer service KPI: Average wait time on live chat

What it is

The average rating your customers give your service team for your live chat support, based on surveys sent after queries are resolved.


  • Great: 20 seconds
  • Good: 40 seconds
  • Minimum: 1 minute

Benchmark data

  • High: 25 minutes
  • Low: 15 seconds
  • Average: 1 minute 58 seconds
  • Number of data points: 27

Quick Tips

  • Use a pre-chat form. According to
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