18 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

This year we attended our first Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas!

We are having an awesome time at #ccwvegas and we would like to bring you along with us on our newest adventure by sharing tips we have learned to get the most out of our week.

Here are 18 tips for maximizing your first trade show:

1. Start small

For your first show, get the smallest possible booth. Or just attend and feel it out.

2. Brochures are dead

Forget the traditional tri-fold brochure. Just create a one-sheet flier. Your readers shouldn’t have to unfold it to read it.

3. Clear your schedule

Much of the value will come from ideas that pop up because you have a whole day to think and learn.

4. Listen more than you talk

It’s not about selling. It’s about building relationships.

5. Talk to people in the halls, not just in your booth

Everyone is there to connect; don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

6. Pace yourself

If you’re an introvert, you’ll be exhausted by 11 a.m. Wear comfortable shoes.

7. Go to smaller sessions

When the audience isn’t huge, you can easily engage the speaker after the talk.

8. Get creative with placement of fliers and swag

Fliers on seats, branded chair covers and posters in bathroom stalls will actually get read.

9. Bring eye-catching swag

Swag will bring people to your booth. Teddy bears, water bottles, foam slingshots all worked well.

10. Bring business cards

Most people won’t, but that’s ok. It’s helpful for getting your name out there.

11. Wear branded clothes

We went with business casual, but next time we’ll wear Peak Support gear.

12. Set a goal

“I’m going to stop five people today and learn about their business.”

13. Don’t diss your competition

Or anyone else. Be positive

14. Take notes

Immediately take notes after every conversation. You will forget.

15. Update your team

Bring the excitement back to HQ. Make sure they know the value of the trip.

16. Include more people.

Don’t just invite salespeople. Operations, HR, client services can all add value.

17. Go big on day one.

The first day is the busiest and most productive. By day two, attendees’ energy is flagging.

18. Host a game.

Raffle off a big prize or let folks play a game for a small prize. We let visitors spin the wheel for a Bluetooth speaker.

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