Peak Support's Leadership Training Program

A complete curriculum from the experts at training customer support leaders

Leadership development is critical on customer support teams. Yet, it’s often ignored.

Since Peak Support was founded in 2015, we’ve developed and trained hundreds of new leaders to take on supervisor, manager, and director roles. Many of these leaders had no prior leadership experience

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We’re experts in training leaders in the customer support environment.

About Peak Support’s leadership training program

Peak Support developed its own internal leadership training program in 2017, after determining that no external programs fit the specific needs of our culture, and of the contact center environment. Our leadership training was developed by our internal training leaders; our senior leadership team; and external consultants who are experts in adult learning.

We have enhanced, adapted, and added to the program over time, based on learners’ feedback and our own experience.

Here’s a snapshot of the curriculum:

Day 1 – Leadership

  • Personal leadership
  • Defining leadership
  • Pro-active vs. re-active
  • Finding your purpose
  • Setting a vision
  • Planning for execution
  • Being pro-active

  • Day 2 – Management

  • Crafting your team
  • Empowering people
  • Developing people
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Decision making
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Ethics

  • Why leadership training is important

    In a recent survey, 64% of CEOs cited developing the next generation of leaders as their biggest challenge.

    And leadership training works. The myth of the charismatic CEO who is born with innate leadership skills is just that: a myth. Leadership can be taught. (See sources here, here and here.)

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    What leadership training can do

    Leadership training can't solve all your problems. If your culture is broken, your org structure is unclear, your leadership team is dysfunctional – training won’t help.

    But leadership training can empower your leaders – from front-line supervisors to experienced managers. It can improve your teams’ performance. It can reduce your managers’ stress by providing them with practical tools to solve the challenges they face every day.

    Are you ready to train your next generation of leaders?