Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

for Customer Service

A complete guide to the Most important KPIs in Customer Support(with Benchmark Data!)

KPIs are essential in customer support. They provide a blueprint to follow that translates the abstract notion of quality service into measurable, trackable targets for customer service leaders. But how do you know which metrics to track? How can you improve them? Do you even need to improve them, or are you already doing a great job?

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If these are questions you’re asking yourself, this is the ebook for you. You’ll find:

The most important KPIs for customer service

We break down the critical KPIs for customer support, giving you a roadmap to assess and improve your customer service.

Benchmark data

based on data points from more than 150 sources. Compare your team’s performance against external sources and industry standards. Get a fresh perspective that can help you achieve excellence.

Practical tips and resources

We provide you with dozens of related resources as a starting point to improve each KPI.

Want a sneak peak?

Some companies are able to achieve CSAT rates of higher than 90%, even on email, which typically has lower CSAT than chat or phone.

Did you know the best target for Full Time Resolution is less than 24 hours

In chat support, quickly means immediately, and immediately means under 20 seconds

The best call centers have an abandonment rate of less than 5%. How many phone calls are dropped by your customers before connecting with an agent?

60% of customers said they’d leave after a bad support experience

Customer expectations are on the rise. In 2023, more than 60% of customers said they’d leave after a single bad support experience (up 22% from 2021). That means, there’s a huge opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves by offering an amazing support experience.

Yet often, outdated “rules of thumb” are used to identify targets, even though these “rules” were developed based on limited data, decades ago, when customer support was completely different than it is today.

And searching for benchmarks online can be a long and frustrating experience.

This short ebook includes the most important KPIs for email, chat, and phone support. For each metric, we’ve gathered all available benchmarks, so you can see what companies are actually achieving in real life.

We’ve also tapped our network to obtain private data from customer service agents working in different fields. We’ve used more than 300 data points from more than 150 different sources and aggregated that data to provide you with the benchmarks in this report.

What’s the average CSAT score? How can you get better insight into negative customer reviews? How can you improve Average Handle Time without negatively impacting quality?

About Peak Support

Peak Support is an award-winning customer service outsourcing company that provides exceptional quality for the world’s most innovative brands. Our 2,000 global employees serve clients in all industries, in teams ranging from person to hundreds. We specialize in serving emerging or growing brands who need a high level of support.

We have the highest Glassdoor rating in the industry and only accept out of every 30 applicants. Happy agents deliver the best results; that’s why we have an average QA score of 95% across all of our clients.

About the Data

To compile this white paper, we spent many hours looking for every publicly available data source we could find. It’s possible we reached the bottom of the Internet.

The sources vary significantly. In some cases, the sources we found pulled out individual metrics for specific companies. In others, they averaged dozens, hundreds, or thousands of data points. We did our best to pull the most useful, accurate, and recent information we could find.

While we’ve tried to gather a balanced list of sources, your mileage may vary when using these benchmarks for your own business. You know your customers and your business best. Maybe your customers are willing to wait a little longer for more technical support. Or perhaps you want to excel beyond our recommended targets. Use these benchmarks as guidelines, instead of hard and fast rules of what “good” customer service looks like.

A complete list of sources is included at the end for your reference.