Modern customer service outsourcing for Financial Services & FinTech

Partnering with our experienced outsourced teams—located in the USA, Columbia, Eastern Europe, or the Philippines— is the quickest way to level up customer service and prevent fraudulent activity.

Our Services for Financial Services & FinTech Companies

Customer Service

Customer Service

Get a customized and experienced customer service team—as a supplement to your existing team or as a standalone team—within a matter of weeks. You’ll get expert help building systems, hiring the best people, and optimizing processes to ensure your customer experience is always world-class.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Some customer issues require a deeper level of technical knowledge. That’s where our outsourced technical support teams come in. With years of expertise solving complex problems, our technical support agents are the perfect fit for SaaS and technology companies.

Back-Office Services

Back Office Services

Back-office tasks aren’t always sexy, but they’re often mission critical. From content moderation to data entry to processing invoices, our expert team members will take responsibility for all your time-consuming and repetitive tasks. We’ll get ‘em done, and we’ll find ways to make the process even smoother. Guaranteed.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Tasks like lead generation, market research, and qualifying leads are vital for your company’s growth. But they take a ton of time. Our sales and marketing team members can help you build out a sales operations or marketing support team from scratch, in as little as a few weeks. We can handle the repetitive tasks, delivering your sales team a full pipeline of qualified, ready-to-purchase leads.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Outsourcing common finance and accounting tasks—like accounts receivables and invoicing—is a cost effective way to get stellar results. Our outsourced experts have supported dozens of companies in building robust financial operations teams, helping you collect more cash and improve your bottom line.

Tech & AI Solutions

Tech & AI Solutions

Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you leverage the latest technology and AI solutions to grow your business. With our solutions, you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and future-proof your business.

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Why Us?

Exceptional company culture

  • We’re firm believers that the best work happens when people love their jobs. We’re building the best remote company culture on the planet—and you get to reap the benefits. Over 95% of our team members agree that Peak Support is a great place to work, and that number is only going up.

Client-centric approach

  • Your success is our success. That means when you identify an opportunity—big or small—we jump on it. We’ll get to know your business, then we’ll help you figure out how to make it even better. And we guarantee that you’ll find us easier to work with than any company you’ve ever come across before.

High-touch management

We provide your team with the support it needs to succeed. Our Team Leads typically manage only 8 to 10 agents – compared with 15 to 20 at most outsourcing companies. Our exceptional account management and shared services functions will ensure you get what you need to succeed.

How Peak Support impacts financial services

The financial services world is complex (and changing rapidly). Our team members bring an average of eight years of experience supporting some of the largest brands in the world—meaning there’s nothing they haven’t seen. That’s why no one is better positioned to help you improve the current state of your customer experience, while also helping you plan and build a better future. 

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A Better Outsourcing Solution For Financial Services.

Modern outsourcing isn’t about cutting costs. It’s a strategic investment in the growth of your business, and it’s the fastest way to scale and get results. Don’t settle for the status quo any longer—partner with us to leverage decades of collective experience and drive your business forward.

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