Peak Support Clear Desk Clear Screen Policy

Peak Support has implemented a Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy. This policy is designed to protect sensitive information, reduce the risk of security breaches, and promote a clutter-free and efficient workspace.

Policy Highlights

  • Sensitive information: “Internal Use” and “Confidential” categories.
  • Clear Desk: Desks must be free of unnecessary items, secure storage of work-related documents.
  • Clear Screen: Remove sensitive data when absent, lock screens, or log out.
  • Mobile Device: Approval required for personal devices in the workspace.
  • Protect shared facilities and equipment, handle sensitive documents securely.
  • This policy applies to all Peak Support employee, temporary and contracted staff, locations, facilities, and equipment and all individuals in the scope must comply. Non-compliance may lead to disciplinary action.

To know more, read our Clear Desk Clear Screen Policy.